About Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring hair extensions are particularly famous among African-American females but are also becoming a hit with everyone. The very reason why a number of consumers are patronizing micro ring hair extensions is because it adds versatility to styling. It can either be used as a protective device while growing natural hair or simply to make a change in one’s looks.

Micro ring hair extensions are best for people who have thinning hair that makes clip-on extensions not possible. People who have problems styling their short hair could also benefit from it. It has an extensive variety of styles and colors that may match your own hair color.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous ways of installing extension hair. And the micro ring hair extension technique is most popular among all other techniques. It is very light and simple, so you can easily attach the extensions to your own hair. It also includes the use very gentle heat to style the extensions. The micro ring hair extension technique is very durable as you can expect the same effect to last for more than six months.

There are a number of reasons why a number of women have chosen to install extension hair. One of the main reasons is the ease of working with extensions and clipping them on. They have also found it to be more practical to style their own hair now that they have extensions. Others have it installed because they have breakage or damaged hair and they want to grow it out and rid themselves of this problem.

In fact, there are a lot of women who use extensions for special events like weddings, graduation and other ceremonies. Some even put them on in order to have a new look for the occasion which is usually complemented by a violet dress.

As a matter of fact, professional hair stylists are also using micro ring hair extensions technique to attach extensions to their clients. They use nothing but the finest quality of human hair, thread and other best quality materials that may be offered.

There are a number of micro ring hair extensions that are available in the market. The price will vary from style to style according to the materials used and the method of attachment. It is very easy to attach these extensions and you can avoid damage to your natural hair. There are different micro ring hair extensions that are available in the market. You can purchase the extension that corresponds to your needs and requirements.

Here are some important micro ring hair extensions:

o Bonded extensiono Weft extensiono Aspirin extensiono Body extension

The Bonded extension requires the hair stylist to apply a permanent source of heat to the extension. The heat tolerance level of this hair stylist is very high that they can apply heat of volcanic origin to the extension.

Weft extension is a method of attaching the extension through which weft of the extension is attached to the natural hair. The length and the thickness of the weft is decided by the natural hair stylist.

Body extension refers to process of adding length and volume to the hair.

The Technicians:

The professional who performs the extension procedure is called as the micro ring hair extension stylist. The stylist uses their special skills to do the attachment. The safest method of attachment is the heated method. It is this method that is recommended by the experts because it ensures that the hair stylist can do the attachment without any hair damage. Besides, this is the cheapest method.

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o Lace extension

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