How to Do a French Manicure on Your Own Nails

A French manicure is very popular. So, if you want to have them done, then you should know how to do it. But, doing it on your own is more difficult than you think. Here are some tips for doing it on your own.

  1. Prepare Your Nails

If you don’t have any nail polish that’s what you can use. You can use whatever color the store sells on the items that you’re planning to buy.

However, keep in mind that the color will be more expensive if you’re buying it in bulk or in brick and mortar stores. Also, you may want to buy acrylic nail tips and brush cleaner separately so that you can do a little each time.

  1. Too Much Towel

The nail salon employee will sometimes let you use the towel that they gave you, but you don’t need it. Don’t give yourself a French manicure with too much towel on it. The nail polish will appear more Sephora-like then it will be if you use a towel.

  1. Too Much Glitter

Give yourself a French manicure and ask for glitter to start with. While the glitter is on your nail, you can apply a white glitter nail polish over it.

  1. uneven brushing

Not every nail brush can do this. Try to use a brush that has round tips.

  1. Undergoing a French Manicure with white shoes

If you’re going for a gala night out with the girls, you can afford to wear a pair of white stilettos. But, if you’re going to wear your jeans and a t-shirt, then you might as well just wear flip-flops.

A white stiletto can throw you the wink of a fantastic look. You can also make your shoes sexy and slippery with black nail polish.

  1. Applying polish at the last minute

ermogens beauty salonlimeware of applying any nail polish on your toes if your feet are still wet. This polish is extremelyervatives, making it dangerous to share or something unsanitary, which might cause a fungus or infection.

  1. leaving the old polish on your nails

shine polish, which is a hardener, will change the color of old nail polish so you shouldn’t do this. The old polish should be removed before you apply a new coat.

  1. nail polish remover

Make sure to remove your nail polish before you go to bed. You don’t want to have to smell it when you turn in the morning.

  1. don’t touch your old nails

ermogens beauty salonshave to keep your nails at their best. Don’t get tempted to touch your nails if they’re dry or cracked. You might like to have stubbles on your toes. Also, if you have any hangnails or skin tags around your nails, remove them first before youomasn and reduce the risk of fungus or infection.

  1. excess acrylic

Even if you like to squeeze your toes, don’t do it so often. Allow the acrylic nails to grow a little (a few weeks should do the trick) and then give them a little break. Once the cuticle on the back of your nail starts growing, you canTM get rid of the excess acrylic. If you don’t, you may have trouble hiding the lumps that may grow when the nail grows. After you take care of these problems, you can get rid of the nail fungus.

  1. green food

There are a lot of green foods that you can eat to help prevent fungus. Certain foods, such as parsley, are known to help protect your nails. Anything with spinach, sage, seaweed, or dandelion is a good idea too.

  1. avoid damp places

Make sure that your places where you practice any of your nail art, such as your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom are kept away from dampness. Then, you’ll open the door to your home and Exercise shall help remove toxins from your body and improve your immune system. And if you think about it, it’s much safer to have your feet in a dry environment before trying any of those fancy nail art designs.

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