If You Can’t Pronounce It, It Doesn’t Belong in Your Shampoo!

Do you ever take the time to read the ingredients on your shampoo label? Now would be an excellent time to start! There are so many chemicals, detergents, artificial colors, preservatives, formaldehyde and synthetic foaming agents on the ingredient list that you wonder whether you are embalming your hair or washing it. Just for starters, the researchers at the National Institutes of Health have uncovered the connection between an ingredient found in shampoos and central nervous system damage. The studies were performed with the brain cells of rats and they demonstrate that contact with an ingredient called methylisothiazoline (MIT), causes neurological damage.

The huge majority of shampoos contain toxic chemical compounds like MIT that are a factor in cancer, liver disorders, and neurological diseases. It may astound you to know that manufacturers of shampoos and personal care products in general can put virtually any chemical they wish into your shampoo, even if it is a hazardous chemical listed in the Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS) database of toxicity and even if it is deemed a toxic chemical by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The function of shampoo is for cleansing the hair. It is to eliminate excess oil, dirt and debris from the hair known as sebum. An appropriate shampoo will remove these impurities without stripping the natural oils. Unfortunately, many shampoos include irritating chemicals that promote scalp irritation.

Shampoos that are pH balanced, on the other hand, remove dead skin cells from the hair shaft. This results in shiny hair. However, shampoos that are too alkaline can damage the hair shaft. They can also upset the pH balance of the scalp and damage the natural acid mantle of the scalp. Acidic shampoos that imbalance the pH of the hair and scalp are too alkaline.

A professional hair stylist must perform a tiebreaking session prior to shampooing to Ionize the hair shaft and scalp.

Ionized hair shaft means shorter time in the shower, easier to blow dry and style. Better still, Ionized shampoos don’t strip the hair of its natural oils. Properly used Ionized shampoos will substitute the loss of oil for the shine.


If you haven’t been in a water body for yourself, Dare I say it? There’s no better way to enjoy the adventure of a whole beach than by taking a dip in the surf.

Everyone knows the Stimuloos for hair growth. However, there are other hair growth products that might surprise you.

HairMate bestowed an interesting new product called Exotic primarily for curly hair. Exotic encourages growth through multiple acts to avoid the common problem of hair breakage.

An additional benefit of Exotic is that it is aquaphilic which means it doesn’t stick to your hair. This helps to avoid damage. And, Exotic leaves your hair shiny & soft. It has high levels of glycerine that get rid of dryness.

Exotic has developed a Cinnamon & Clove Scrub for curly hair. All you have to do is to massage your hair with the mixture and let it get deep into the pores of your scalp. After that, push down your temples and against your cheeks with your fingertips. Flip your hair over and let the curls fall by your sides.

The great thing about HairMate is that you can use it on any hair type. It works very well on resistant hair. So if you have used any chemicals on your hair or tried to straighten it with other products, give HairMate a try. You will love the results.

Follow these steps for the perfect hair:

1.Shampoo your hair weekly.2.Have a deep conditioning treatment weekly.3.Use organic shampoo and conditioner.

Exotic adds many benefits to women’s hair.